Optimize the procurement process: shorten delivery times, improve inventories and ensure the quality of your products and services.


Gain insight into the needed amount of material to be ordered based on current stock, confirmed customer orders, and placed orders to suppliers.


Control deviations in the delivery process (desired delivery date compared to confirmed delivery times and actual delivery times) and implement an automatic alert system for the status of minimum and maximum inventory.


Reduce the time spent administering the documentation that accompanies the ordered material (A-tests, validation documentation).


Introduce a system of systematic categorization of suppliers, with which you will speed up or automate the process of ordering materials.


With Tom PIT.connected you will introduce internal serial labels for the traceability of product input materials after multiple takeovers of the same supply order (batch).


Optimize and standardize the material procurement process.


Reduce unnecessary information accumulation that can lead to errors. Automatically send a message to suppliers without disrupting factors.

Connected digitalization

For the best possible preparation for the digital transformation, combine supply with the digital content below.

Enable automatic (partial) closing of supply order documents based on actual recipience without downloading paper documents, phone calls, emails and the like.

Provide insight into material in stock for future inventory optimization purposes.

Implement JiT environments with automated material ordering for production needs.

Enable the implementation of input material control in order to quickly initiate claim procedures and ensure 100% quality when entering the production process.

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