An efficient and standardized sales process that will achieve the set sales objectives with measurable intermediate results.
Always keep the cost of sales in the final price of the product at your fingertips.


Schedule calls, appointments, video calls and other sales activities comprehensively and from a single access point. Ensure that important activities are not forgotten, duplicated or otherwise overlooked, as such errors directly affect your sales results.


Ensure that the offer reaches the customer quickly and efficiently. Automate bidding processes and allow customers to create their own bids.


Have an insight into the relationship between purchase and sale prices and therefore avoid selling products that are not profitable or have delivery times that are too long.

Digital channels

Create new digital sales channels and reach new markets and customers.


Create customer profiles and optimize after-sales activities to increase sales. Also allow non-sales personnel to carry out after-sales activities.


Give customers an insight into the entire sales - logistics process and increase their satisfaction with efficient claim procedures.


Compare sales results by different dimensions, measure the length of sales cycles, the performance of individual markets and retailers and use the collected data to make the sales process leaner.

Connected digitalization

For the best possible preparation for the digital transformation, combine sales with the digital content below.

Give sales staff insight into the status of your customers' orders without burdening production processes.

Provide all stakeholders with real-time access to delivery dates on offers or orders, anywhere, anytime and over any device.

Find which marketing activities and campaigns are the ones that have generated the most leading customers.

Receive calculated future material needs, based on confirmed orders and production procedures straight into the procurement process automatically.

Introduce a standardized knowledge base process that allows staff to be maximally prepared for “cold calls”, “follow up” conversations, presentations (remote and live), closing conversations, customer excuses and the like.

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