By implementing a preventive maintenance plan and measuring curative service interventions, find out the true cost of your maintenance.

Knowing costs

Get information on input material, people's time spent, the cost of tools and equipment, and the energy sources used.


Introduce advanced contactless technologies to control the inventory of spare parts and other consumables.


For each preventive or curative activity, introduce a digital maintenance order, through which the work of internal and external contractors is monitored.


Measure and optimize response times, debug approach time and actual debug time through connected processes and automatic messaging.


Provide access to manufacturer's documentation, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and past activities for selected equipment anywhere, anytime, and to anyone.


Abandon paper documentation and Excel spreadsheets to implement LEAN methodologies.


Introduce indicators that represent the relationship between prevention and curative as well as workplace presence and assignment to maintenance tasks along with performance.

Connected digitalization

For the best possible preparation for the digital transformation, combine maintenance with the digital content below.

Enable automatic creation of maintenance orders based on downtime in the production process and faster activation of the maintenance team.

Manage minimum and maximum inventory and wirelessly monitor multiple valuable tools and other equipment.

The impact of preventive maintenance orders on production micro-planning and the impact of curative maintenance orders on the current implementation of micro-planning.

Enable automatic creation of purchasing needs for consumables without additional messaging via phone or e-mail.

Ensure that quality control automatically reports the results of maintenance orders about possible deviations in operational procedures.

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