Manage projects effectively, flexibly and easily: let your system be adapted to the needs of the project and not the other way around.


Enable all members of the team to access data, records, logs, status, potential problems and progress of the project anywhere and at any time. This way improve their communication and ensure the smooth flow of all information.


Effectively coordinate the work of the team and monitor the course of the project from the planning process to the completion phase and perceive any errors before they can become fatal.


Establish a control system of project management and (to including customers) provide insights into real-time project updates.


Optimize the decision-making and planning process. You will find all the important information about the project in one place, the time of important decisions making will be significantly reduced.


Enable comprehensive implementation of project tasks. Ensure that the whole project team can participate in project design, task allocation, work monitoring, project development etc.


Inadequate results and errors that hinder the project require immediate action. With the help of a digitalized project system, you can improve risk mitigation strategies and draw effective real-time solutions from available resources.


There are several ways to manage an individual project. With Tom PIT.connected you will automatically create your workflow as it best works for your team - for any project, process or customer.

Connected digitalization

For the best possible preparation for the digital transformation, combine projects with the digital content below.

Access the technical documentation, contracts and orders in a simple and effective way, anywhere and anytime.

Plan and coordinate the tasks and responsibilities in a way that each member of the project knows exactly what anyone is doing at a given moment.

Have control of what someone does, when, how long and in what way. Provide appropriate feedback and ensure the quality of the project work implementation.

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