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All the necessary knowledge for the process of digital transformation in one place.
Digital transformation is a continuous process that requires many different skills. Believe us, you'll need them.
"Digital transformation doesn't only mean programming, but also involves human resources that have virtually nothing to do with software."

Everything in one place

Tom PIT provides all the necessary knowledge you will need in the process of digital transformation. Architects, developers, quality engineers, UI/UX designers, education, cybersecurity, device connectivity, networking, servers, administrators and customer support. These are resources that will emerge sooner or later in the digital transformation process and it is crucial for you to know where to find them.

As much as you need

At Tom PIT, we don’t complicate too much with calculations of how much this and that costs. You pay for the resources you hire by hours of work and that’s all. You pay for as many as you need. When you need them, that’s when you lease them. No lump sums and small print. Fair, don't you agree?

Entire life cycle

The digital transformation lifecycle is a complex process that involves design, implementation, testing, documentation, training, use, support, and maintenance. At Tom PIT, we take care of everything, including the fact that your users will actually accept and use digital content with pleasure.


Many of our customers have opted for a full lease of the IT segment, which means that the company doesn't have employees in the field of IT, but hires the entire service from Tom PIT. If you’re a small or medium-sized business, this is definitely something to consider, as you’ll be greatly lowering IT costs and achieving significantly higher added value.

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