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One of the main ingredients of digital transformation is technology.


Tom PIT.connected provides everything you need for your digital transformation. Connecting to devices, capture, processing, storage, analysis, distribution and visualization of data, reports, IoT, BigData and all other aspects that are needed in digital transformation are covered with Tom PIT.connected.

Development environment

All digital content, either pre-prepared or that specific to your business environment is built in the Tom PIT development environment. The development environment ensures the highest level of productivity, offering innovative implementation of digital content, which dramatically shortens development cycles.

More about Tom PIT development environment.

Runtime environment

The digital content must run somewhere. For this reason, Tom PIT provides a comprehensive runtime environment where digital content is combined into a whole and acts as a homogeneous structure.

More about Tom PIT runtime environment.


Tom PIT.connected is built on the basis of microservice architecture. Microservices allow the assembly of any digital content, including that which will be developed for you specifically.


The sophisticated versioning system allows you to adjust digital content and subsequent integration without excessive commotion. The changes that you make specifically for yourself can be easily combined with the new features implemented by others.

Automatic updates

The fully automated update and interactive integration infrastructure (CI/CD) allows you to transfer parts of digital content with a single click or even complete images between individual environments. Development, testing and production environments are updated straight from the Tom PIT.connected portal.

Inversion of Control

The scalability of existing digital content is achieved with the use of the so-called IoC or Inversion of Control technology. This way, individual features of your digital content can be expanded, thus ensuring a very high level of flexibility.

Dependency Injection

Tom PIT.connected dependency injection technology allows you to change any part of digital content without actually changing the digital content. It sounds weird, right? But that exact technology that we've developed, puts Tom PIT.connected in a class of its own, as Tom PIT digital content is uncompromisingly flexible.

Data Framework

Tom PIT.connected has a built-in comprehensive framework for the so-called ORM or Entity Framework, which takes care of the data level throughout its entire life cycle, from implementation, installation, use to maintenance.

UI Framework

Tom PIT.connected is an innovative technological infrastructure that follows all modern technological guidelines. Similar to Angular, React or Vue, Tom PIT.connected also offers its own framework for the presentation level.

Security Framework

Security in digitalization is a complex term that covers many aspects. Security management is thus one of the most important responsibilities that digital transformation has to take care of. At Tom PIT.connected security is treated in a uniform manner and operated through a centralized control point, which reduces risks as well as simplifies maintenance.

Configuration Framework

At Tom PIT, we don't put too much emphasis on configuration, we have a development environment for that. We don’t believe in configuration that drags on over weeks and months, where we end up with the conclusion that we can’t configure something because the system just doesn’t have the support for it.

Nevertheless, we treat settings in a unified way, throughout the entire digitalization process, securely and in a controlled manner.

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