Digital transformation


Tom PIT.connected is the most modern and comprehensive platform for the digital transformation of your business.
With Tom PIT, digital transformation will bring you added value in record time.

Digital transformation as a service

With Tom PIT, you will experience the entire digital transformation process as a service. This means solving all challenges with a single partner. Hardware, infrastructure, cybersecurity, device connectivity, software, expertise, architecture, vision, hosting, digital services - Tom PIT addresses every aspect of digital transformation.

Connected digitalization

Tom PIT.connected provides connected digitalization, which means you won't waste money on connecting between systems.

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Everything you'll need for your digitalization and digital transformation is provided by Tom PIT.connected. With Tom PIT.connected, you will solve technological challenges, introduce pre-made digital content, customize it and add your own.

A consistent digital experience

Tom PIT.connected provides a consistent digital experience across all devices and for all users. This will shorten learning curves, increase user satisfaction and lower maintenance costs.

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Quick implementation

Implementing Tom PIT digital content is incredibly fast. Forget the lengthy implementation processes with endless meetings - you will implement Tom PIT digital content almost immediately, and then adapt it to your needs over time.

Low ownership costs

Tom PIT.connected is by far the most competitive provider on the market. All our digital products are free, we provide them with a lifetime warranty and, on top of that, all digital products are open source, which means that anyone can customize them.

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