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Become a Tom PIT.connected partner, gain exclusive access to potential customers interested in digital transformation, and increase your company’s revenue.
We provide the conditions, you realize the projects.
Become part of the most exciting and fast-growing ecosystem.

What is Tom PIT.connected Partner Network (TPPN)?

TPPN is a fast-growing ecosystem of providers and buyers of digitalization and digital transformation. Providers (partners) use digital technology and a wide range of pre-prepared digital content to digitalize and digitally transform customers. TPPN is a great opportunity for partners to expand their business and reach markets that have hitherto been out of their reach.

At Tom PIT, we have identified an average of 48 potential customers per month in the last 6 months.

The partnership is of course based on the digital transformation platform, Tom PIT.connected, which otherwise addresses digitalization and digital transformation throughout the life cycle, from design, implementation, use to administration.

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With all of this, are you wondering what your profit will be?

Of course you are.
And the answer is: everything you grow on projects. You can make projects on a” turnkey basis” or according to the Tom PIT model, i.e. after the hours actually worked - the decision is yours. In any case, the full amount is yours. You are also entitled to commissions by activating Tom PIT SaaS services.

Benefits of TPPN

Higher competitiveness, more profit

With less effort, you will have more customers and higher earnings, and you will certainly become a more competitive company as well.

Free technology

You won't need to invest in technology, as you have a comprehensive technology infrastructure that addresses all aspects of digitalization and digital transformation.

Prepared digital content

You won't even have to invest in digital content development, as the entire range is ready for immediate use.

Shorter sales cycles

Tom PIT will provide you potential customers, which means that you will significantly shorten sales cycles.

Hiring staff

If you may need staff for the most demanding projects that you do not otherwise have available, you will be able to hire them from Tom PIT, if necessary.

Free license

You will not pay any licenses or commissions for the work done, but practically the entire proceeds of the project are yours.

Up to 15% commission on SaaS service

You are entitled to a 15% commission on all SaaS services, including a monthly subscription, which can also be a significant source of revenue.

24/7 support

There is 24/7 support available through various communication channels.

Regular educational trainings

Tom PIT will provide you with all the necessary training so that you can always be up to date.

How to get started

To get started with the partnership program, we suggest you follow the steps below

We will call you shortly.


We will conduct technology and digital content training.


We will help you find the first customer.


You start with the projects.

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