This is Tom PIT

We're digital transformation specialists.
Innovative architects, ninja developers, obsessed businessmen, sophisticated analysts.

We help companies reduce the cost of production and/or operations, which means that they create more with the same resources and that business procedures are shortened or simplified.

The achieved result is consistent high quality of all products and services.

What makes us different?

At Tom PIT, we look at the digital transformation as a whole. This means we deal with technology and digital content, we have our own data centre and we offer a full range of expertise. In combination with the digital services, that we also offer, it ensures our customers deal with a single partner throughout the entire life cycle of digital transformation, from design and implementation to use and maintenance.

We are the only provider on the market, that offers digital transformation as a comprehensive service, using our own technology, full range of digital content, data centre, comprehensive set of digital services and expertise outsourcing.

We're not integrators of foreign products, but proud authors of our own technology and digital content. We're masters in our field, self-sufficient and independent of outside providers.

We don't take shortcuts. We develop everything ourselves. Therefore, we're the only provider on the market, that can guarantee a 100% adaptation to your requirements and needs. We don't make excuses, we don't have to wait on anyone, along with you, the entire software is in our hands.

Why do business with us?

On top of the above, we've set up a very modern and straightforward business model that goes like this: all Tom PIT digital products are free and open source, so our customers can use them limitlessly (and change them as they please). Additionally, we provide a lifetime warranty on our products. This means no licenses, no user restrictions, no maintenance contracts and no feature cutbacks.

An open-source business model also means that you can use the content we developed for other customers. We call this a business ecosystem, in which you invest negligibly little and yet acquire new content on top of new content, every month. You only use the things you need, of course.

Great, isn't it?

You're asking yourself, what's in it for us?

Our work isn't free. In the process of digital transformation, you'll need expertise that you can hire from us.

But beware, we don’t make turnkey solutions. More than 20 years of experience have led us to the conclusion that turnkey solutions are a scam. For either the buyer or the contractor. Someone always gets the "short end of the stick”. Either the customer doesn't get what they want because the contractor already spent the estimated budget, or the contractor has to work indefinitely because the customer is always demanding new features on top of new features that "should be included in the price", because otherwise the system is not useful to them. Such projects are never successful and we don't work with customers who insist on such a business model.

At Tom PIT we have a transparent business model, you pay for the hours of actual work done, when you need them. We provide top experts, even those with 20+ years of experience, which means you get a product for the services provided, not a semi-finished product.

Our mission

Digital transformation is a long-lasting journey. It’s a unique product of your business environment and it never really ends. With Tom PIT, you get that exact kind of partner, comprehensive and one that ensures long-term cooperation, in all phases and aspects of digital transformation.

We enable our customers to stay focused on their business, even during the digital transformation process.

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