Intelligent enterprise

Turn data into useful information and be smarter than the competition.
With Tom PIT.connected, you'll transform your business environment into an intelligent enterprise that will be agile, more efficient and more profitable.

What is an intelligent enterprise?

Connected digitalization leads to digital workplaces, which represent the basis of an intelligent enterprise.

With the help of advanced technology, an intelligent enterprise transforms a multitude of data into useful information and thus quickly adapts to changes both within the company and in relation to customers, suppliers, partners and all other stakeholders. The work environment is agile and highly motivated, the flow of information is effortless and such business environments create more with the same amount of resources, which means that they are more competitive and utilise the market potential better and faster than their competitors.

Tom PIT.connected represents the framework of an intelligent enterprise and with the use of advanced technologies enables a lightning leap from data to information. The information obtained is then distributed through related digital content, which leads to achieving different goals in various ways, from a better customer understanding, perception of new market opportunities, optimization of business processes to many more.


Introduce comprehensive technology that addresses digitalization throughout its entire life cycle.

The most complete ERP on the planet

Uncompromisingly customizable pre-prepared digital content for all key processes of your business.

Sustainable digitalization

Tom PIT.connected will enable sustainable digitalization that will encourage you to respond to change faster than your competitors.

Digital services

A successful digital transformation will require device control, notifications, printing, user analytics and much more.

Process optimization

With sustainable process optimization, combined with innovative technology, you will create more with the same resources, ensure growth and become a more profitable business.

Cloud infrastructure

Simplify your infrastructure with a powerful and highly scalable data centre that provides security and accessibility of your data.


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