Data centre

Hosting the entire digitalization. No hardware or maintenance costs, no worries.
Tom PIT offers a modern, high-performance data centre in which the entire digitalization can be hosted and thus avoid numerous costs and challenges.


You probably have a hard time imagining that for 190€ a month you can host a full digitalization.

Well, you won’t be buying servers, operating systems, databases, archiving media, hiring administrators, configuring networks and security etc.?


We can place your digitalization in a redundant system that will always be available, even during upgrades and maintenance. This way, your users will never be disappointed with your digital content not functioning.


We archive all your data in a safe place where it's available to you when you need it.


If you wish, we can monitor any segment of your digitalization with various tools and thus detect possible bottlenecks, anomalies or unforeseen activities.


Cloud hosting is maintained by us. We give you a lifetime warranty for errors.


We invest heavily in data centre security, so you don't have to worry about your digitalization.


As your business expands, the demand for additional capacity may also increase. Tom PIT.connected is a highly scalable environment where any component can be expanded both vertically and horizontally.

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