Digital experience

Experience a consistent digital experience throughout digitalization, across all devices and for all users.
Tom PIT.connected represents a state-of-the-art digital experience that is refined to the smallest detail.


At Tom PIT, we pay attention to every little detail. Carefully designed patterns are repeated throughout digitalization and the Tom PIT.connected platform quickly becomes intuitive to users.

This makes learning curves shorter and users positively accept digital content as well as perceive digitalization as a real assistant in performing work processes.


Tom PIT.connected represents a captivating digital experience, regardless of the type of digital content; whether in production environments, in the field or in office processes.

Users perceive digitalization with their eyes, similarly to clothing and cars. It's human nature to prefer nicer and more attractive things - same goes for digitalization.


The digital experience is based on simple user interfaces where users quickly focus on essential information. We followed the rule less is more and thousands of users agree with this every day.


The minimalistic design gives users a feeling of lightness and control. Users are not afraid to use digital content, on the contrary: digital content gives them a feeling of comfort and leisure.


Let users decide which nuances they prefer for themselves. Light, dark, dynamic or any other possible scheme can bring the digital experience closer to the users taste.


Tom PIT.connected is one single system, with a sole digital experience. One user account, one login, one maintenance, single use. Respect your users and allow them to use a single, consistent system in their work.

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