How and where to start digital transformation?

Digital transformation primarily depends on the choice of technology and successful digitalization.

You’re determined to go into digital transformation, but you know neither how nor where to start. Some providers are telling you about digitalization, others about digital transformation. What's one and the other? What's right and what's wrong?

You don’t have a lot of resources and virtually no knowledge of the company that would guide you or at least give you a starting point.

And how much does it all actually cost? How long will it take? And what will the whole thing bring to your business? Will users embrace the innovations? And how many people are you going to have to hire because of this?

We know you have many questions, but no answers.

We suggest that you follow the steps below, as there is a good chance that you will be able to perform a digital transformation successfully.

1. Choosing the right technology

You're wondering why you should choose the technology, since you are buying the solutions anyway and the technology is definitely not one of your concerns, right?

The most common mistake business environments make is neglecting the importance of technology.


The technology will enable you the connected digitalization that is essential for a successful digital transformation. Without connected digitalization, you'll spend all your money interconnecting systems.

With technology you'll solve your specific problems. No, it won't be programmed by you, but it's imperative that you solve specific problems with a unified technology, otherwise you will again be exposed to the high costs of integration.

You will reduce maintenance costs.

You will provide a consistent digital experience to all users.

If you don’t choose the right technology, then you won’t be digitally transformed, as you’ll be spending money on everything else but digital transformation.

2. Digitalization

Digitalization is not the same as digital transformation. You can buy digitalization, but pay attention to the openness of the provider and the connectivity with your technology and the existing solutions. If it doesn’t look too optimistic, don't choose such a provider, as the investment definitely won't pay off. And don't believe that anything is possible and that it won't cost you a thing.

You should know that you're going to implement part of the digitalization with standard solutions, and part of the solutions will be those that are specific to your business processes. And you'll also want to customize the standard solutions to your needs. And if it doesn’t work out, what are you going to do, when you're already up to your neck in water?

You already have a good idea now, why do you need technology, right?

Know that digitalization alone doesn't bring any significant added value. It's just a digital form of business processes and nothing more.

3. Digital transformation

Now for real. You have the technology and partially digitalized processes integrated into a whole.

The next step is to find a provider that really deals with digital transformation. Otherwise, all the providers will tell you they do, but now you already know the questions you need to ask.

Do you have the technology for digital transformation?

Is it open and inter-connectable with other technologies?

Can we implement changes ourselves or will we need another provider?

Can we add our own content that is specific to our business environment?

Do you have an architect who will carry out the digital transformation?

Is the digital content free and will we be able to dedicate the money to the digital transformation or will you charge us royalties and for maintenance contracts?

Do you cover all aspects of business, as we know, digital transformation extends across the entire company?

“No” to any of the above questions means that the provider is definitely not the right choice.

Understand that digital transformation is a unique product made around your business environment. It's not the same anywhere in the world and you can’t buy it or rent it.

This is why you need a good architect to guide you through the digital transformation process, connect all the threads and dictate the pace. They will create a Digital Transformation Roadmap that the entire company and all digitalization providers in your business environment will follow.

The above process will lead you to a successful goal. Although the process may take several years and you'll spend large amounts of money, in the end, with some effort, you will still be digitally transformed.

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