Industry 4.0

IoT. BigData. Machine connections. Smart factory.
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Tom PIT.connected brings Industry 4.0 to every production process and upgrades it with connections to all other processes inside the company.


It is crucial that the Industry 4.0 elements are connected to other processes and that you give meaning to the data that Industry 4.0 generates. With Tom PIT digital content, you will automatically incorporate Industry 4.0 into the digital transformation.


Tom PIT.connected includes all the necessary components for the implementation of Industry 4.0. IoT infrastructure for device communication and data capture, BigData for storing large amounts of data, drivers for various data sources and devices, mechanisms for various data processing and analysis, infrastructure for data distribution and visualization, Tom PIT provides just about everything.


With Tom PIT.connected Industry 4.0 is accessible from any device without users having to install anything. In this way, users can operate machines and devices right from their smartphones.


Automated data capture, automatic congestion detection, ambient parameter sampling and analysis as well as industrial printing - all fully automated.


With Tom PIT.connected digital services, such as Health monitoring, you can monitor machine operations 24/7 and with the built-in alarm system and escalation, you will be notified of downtimes and outages practically in real time. In this way, you will shorten congestion, reduce discards and consequently produce more and greater.

More about Tom PIT Health Monitoring.


All connections, even if you host digitalization in the Tom PIT data centre, are secure and use the SSL protocol.


Tom PIT only requires the HTTP protocol for communication, which means that there is no need to configure or open anything on the network. Things simply work without any configuration.

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