Recommend Tom PIT

Recommend Tom PIT to your business partners and get a voucher worth 1140 €!
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We at Tom PIT value when our hard work is appreciated, so we have decided to offer those of you, who already share our vision, the opportunity to spread the good word about us further. And get something out of it.
What will you get out of it?

Because we know the importance of reciprocity, we offer you a voucher worth a 6-month Tom PIT subscription, which amounts to 1140 €. This means that by recommending someone (and it results in a cooperation), you will save as much as 1140 €!

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Don't you want your business partner to transform their business in a way that gives them the best possible competitive advantage? And benefit greatly from working with Tom PIT? As you probably know (from personal experience), implementing digital transformation with us is incredibly quick, easy, and effective. And because we are by far the most competitive provider of digital transformation on the market, we want the word about us to spread far and wide. And especially you can help us achieve this.

And on top of that – your business partner will also receive a voucher worth a 6-month Tom PIT subscription.

Great, isn’t it?