Development environment

Development of digital content without compiling program code, installing, updating, restarting. With automatic storage. All that right from the browser.
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Tom PIT.connected has a built-in innovative development environment that enables the most efficient implementation of digital content without the need for implementers to deal with the process of introducing changes. The implementers write the program code, everything else is taken care of by Tom PIT.


The central figure of the development environment is the so-called IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It is a high-performance, 100% web-based environment that includes all the necessary elements for the effective implementation of digital content.


The development environment enables the implementation of all aspects of digitalization; data layer, business logic and presentation layer.


Tom PIT.connected supports editors for several text formats, from program code, formatting, data entities to multilingualism.


Contextual help enables fast integration of components and attributes, making Tom PIT surpass all competitive development environments on the market.

Live syntax check

Tom PIT is one of the few web development environments that supports advanced techniques such as Intellisense and Code Completion for server code. What’s more, real-time syntax checking is available for all server-side code, which significantly contributes to implementation efficiency.

Program code analysis

Tom PIT has built-in intelligent program code analysers that alert the implementer in real time about any possible problems in its implementation.

Automatic translation and updating

The modified program code is automatically distributed throughout the environment, on all instances and servers, without the implementer even knowing. The changes are then implemented without reboots and waiting, giving the Tom PIT development environment the highest level of efficiency on the market.

Data model

Database schemas, their installation and updating are some things that implementers don't have to worry about. The implementer focuses on the program code, while Tom PIT takes care of the infrastructure processes.

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