Manage asset data centrally, easily and efficiently. Anywhere and anytime.


Centrally manage asset data that appears in all other company processes.


Have insight into dispersed master data on items and services, with plenty administration to maintain the current status.


Create endless connections to all in-house data exchange systems used in the enterprise’s digitalized procedures.


Eliminate the need for entering the same data or attributes multiple times through several different processes in the company.


Easily and centrally manage discounts, price history, price increases, marketing campaigns and the like.

Connected digitalization

For the best possible preparation for the digital transformation, combine assets with the digital content below.

Asset data management and linking to services and products.

Automatic mapping of assets to production resources, regardless of the type of source or entry into the process itself or also the result of the production process.

Enterprise-wide asset planning can provide a true view of capacities for individual jobs and material needs in JiT (Just-in-Time). Additionally plan implementation deadlines for each asset through a connection to all necessary input materials, resources and energy sources.

With the help of assets, we can issue an invoice to the end customer (because we have information about the price).

Presentation of the necessary resources for procurement based on the data about assets and accounting evaluation at the time of material acquisition.

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