Enable multi-channel support to your customers, monitor them effectively and schedule tasks related to them.


Manage customer requirements and orders, product release and all necessary production documentation transparently and efficiently.


Introduce a centralized and standardized way of managing orders and an order confirmation system according to the content, product category and its value.


Access real-time order status from sales staff or customers anywhere, anytime.


Enable the efficient flow of information without delays within your company, even when working remotely or in the field and the automatic flow of data according to supply in issue documents.


Introduce analytics for customer order reception into the business process based on various dimensions, products (or product categories), markets, time periods, sales staff etc.


Have easy insight into product price changes and the impact of marketing campaigns on confirmed orders.


Define specific customer requirements at the beginning of the business process and effectively monitor them throughout the entire production - logistics process.

Connected digitalization

For the best possible preparation for the digital transformation, combine customers with the digital content below.

Production orders are tailored to the individual needs and requirements of customers.

Planning is the first recipient of confirmed orders. At the same time, the process allows the sales staff to receive information on when customer needs can be met.

Based on confirmed orders, procurement receives requests in real time for the resources needed to fulfil the orders.

Information on customer orders, all sales documentation, order statuses and other information are available to sales staff or via a digital entry point.

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