Ensure the quality of your products and services through automated and controlled quality procedures in all phases and processes.


Provide controlled quality control with pre-prescribed procedures and control points. Don’t let employees check quality when they have the time, but let the processes be the ones that determine when and where quality control is done.


Ensure automatic capture of measurements from devices and machines and save operators time and time-consuming and unnecessary manual copying of measurements, which is often the cause of errors.

Up to date

Ensure that quality control results find relevant targets quickly and unambiguously.


Inadequate quality results require a prompt response. Reduce losses by taking immediate action and ensuring preventive quality improvement through analysis.


Don’t let the preparation of documentation take up your valuable administrative time. With Tom PIT.connected, all quality documentation will be available automatically and immediately.


Enable customers to access the desired or required documentation themselves, thus improving their user experience and saving the time needed for document submission.


With the introduction of LEAN and other methodologies, new quality requirements are emerging. With Tom PIT.connected you will always be in compliance with all methodologies and regulations.

Connected digitalization

For the best possible preparation for the digital transformation, combine quality with the digital content below.

Connect digital checklists to production tasks and automatically request their completion during implementation processes.

Ensure that preventive and curative maintenance tasks include checklists that will ensure the effectiveness and correctness of the work performed.

Provide input and output controls with pre-prepared checklists.

Enable raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in production only after they have been approved by quality control.

Provide checklist documentation from input control, process control, and final product control and packaging and assembly for each product batch.

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