Plan business processes to optimize maintenance, production, customer support, marketing and overall business.


Ensure accurate knowledge of the state and optimal micro-planning of all production resources (materials, production equipment, operators), therefore increasing the efficiency of individual operational procedures.


Optimize the number of orders and thereby planning the launch of production orders in the most efficient way.


With the help of micro-planning, you will gain a visual insight into the reality of set norms and into those events that prevent the achievement of normative results.


Provide a systematic structure of dimensions and rules, with the help of which you will be able to form the order of implementation in production.

Up to date

Identify and determine the most appropriate time to perform preventive maintenance work.


Ensure automatic calculation of production paths based on set production deadlines, expected average delays and optimal efficiency.

Connectivity or accessibility

Ensure that key knowledge (e.g., launching production) is available to employees anywhere, anytime. With Tom PIT.connected the transfer of knowledge will take place in an efficient and easy way.

Connected digitalization

For the best possible preparation for the digital transformation, combine planning with the digital content below.

Only a micro-plan can provide sufficiently precise material needs to ensure a prompt delivery of materials to the production site in the optimal amount.

Provide automatic operation scheduling by workplace according to each micro-plan. Offer the option of a "real time" view of production performance according to a projected plan.

Include a preventive plan for production equipment in the micro-planning process and determine the impact of curative maintenance on the implementation plan itself.

Enable remote access to customer order execution.

Introduce a simulation of future input material consumption, subcontractor service orders and automatic deadline calculations based on the plan and their actual implementation.

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