Entire knowledge of your business and employees in one place. Available anytime and from anywhere.

Unleash the flow of information

Enable your employees and all other users who are in any way connected with your company to access key information easily and quickly through modern communication channels.


Time-consuming searching for documentation for machines, products, jobs, during downtime, process controls and operational processes can dramatically affect business results. With Tom PIT.connected you will standardize all documentation and users will have it within hand's reach.


Take advantage of modern technology and offer users information through a variety of multimedia technologies. Include graphics, videos, audio, files, sketches or any other format, in the text, to help users with their work.


Provide controlled access to information at all levels inside and outside the company.


Allow your customers to access key information automatically, thus improving the user experience and overall satisfaction.


Allow users to access documents, instructions, documentation in a language they understand and therefore expand the potential customer base.


Inform users about new and updated content automatically and bring them closer to the news as quickly as possible, without wasting valuable time.

Connected digitalization

For the best possible preparation for the digital transformation, combine knowledge with the digital content below.

Incorporate digitized documentation into production processes for individual production phases and for different workplaces.

Introduce a guided work process through tutoring and other digital documentation.

Make general documents available to the entire business, from anywhere, anytime. Replace bulletin boards with modern communication channels.

Manage quality assurance documentation in one place, without the need for physical distribution to individual workstations and machines, enable versioning of production process documentation for individual products.

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