First features for your system

A guide for an easier determination of required features as your first step towards a digital transformation.

  • Maja Wolf
  • 12/06/2022

This blog will explore which features are essential for the working process in your company and which features will optimise your process. After we figure this out, a great user experience is guaranteed.

We recommend this blog to everyone who ask:

1. How many customisations are required so we’ll be satisfied with the product?

2. How soon can we start using the product?

3. When will we achieve and surpass our business goals with the digital transformation?

When a company decides to go into a digital transformation, a demanding but interesting work begins – we need to get to know your company and make a list of all features and customisations, that will shape our product for your needs. We all want a system, that will enable us to do the things we need to do, don’t we?

  • Defining the basic features or customisations.

“What do we need for the work process to function?”

It happens too often that we get lost in listing all the features that we wish we would have. But beware! Which one is a must-have, and which one is a desire?

We want to reach our goal as fast as possible, so we need to ask ourselves the question: “When will we be able to start using the product?”

I raise these two questions because they are interlinked.

It doesn’t take much for a company to go through digital transformation and for its effects to be visible, as long as we keep the focus on the necessary features. On the other hand, considerably more resources and patience are needed for it to have all the features from your wish list.

That’s why it’s important to discuss your business processes, needs, wishes and the ideal achievement of business goals with our experts during the very first consultation.

  • Check what's already in use and what's not

"What do we already use and what benefits does it bring, and what do we want to get rid of?"

Our specialist will put together a digital transformation plan with you. To make the journey to your goal faster and more successful, check the written functionalities within the company with our specialist:

a) What already works well in the company and why?

b) What do you want less of and why?

  • Prioritize the list

With the end goal in mind, the agreed upon features can be prioritized from the most to least important. This enables a faster transition to digital transformation and ensures a better user experience. The method described below (an adaptation of the MoSCoW method) can be used to verify written requirements.

This method helps categorize features into four categories:

  1. Necessities – “What do we need for the work process to run?”
  2. Needs – “What do we need to optimize the work process?”
  3. Wishes – “What else could we have, so the task at hand could be done better?”
  4. Postponed efforts – “What do we want in the future?”

Going back to the initial purpose of this blog – how many features and customizations do we need to step into digital transformation? Only so many that the chosen features and customizations support the work processes and business goals, and only exceed them from that point on.

Welcome to our platform!

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