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Tom PIT.connected is an innovative and unique platform on the market that will carry out your digital transformation from start to finish.
Tom PIT.connected is digital transformation as a service. It includes the technology, digital content, infrastructure, expertise and digital services.
Connect any combination of pre-made digital content, add your own, and perform a digital transformation in record time.
"Without spending a fortune."


For a successful digital transformation, you will need modern technology to run your digital content.

We have the technology that includes everything needed for a successful digital transformation.

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Digital content

Successful digital transformation integrates different digital content and combines it into a whole.

We have a full range of digital content covering all key processes in the company and is already interconnected.

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Digital transformation

In the process of digital transformation, you will need many different expertise that you probably don't have in your company.

We have all the necessary knowledge needed at all stages of digital transformation.

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Data centre

You will need to run your digital content somewhere. You can install and maintain it on your own.

If you want to avoid the costs of hardware and maintenance completely, we can take care of the entire infrastructure.

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Digital services

A successful digital transformation will require device control, notifications, printing, user analytics and much more.

We thought of everything and prepared a comprehensive range of digital services for you.

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Lifetime warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on all our digital products.

No maintenance contracts, we rectify errors unconditionally and indefinitely.

No license fees

All our digital products are free and available to an infinite number of users.

What's more, all our digital products are also open source, meaning you can customize and add to them freely.

Adaptivity without compromise

The digital transformation succeeds only with connected digitalization, which runs on technology that offers unlimited customization.

All of our digital content is connected and runs on technology that ensures unconditional connectivity and flexibility.

Digital workplace

With Tom PIT.connected you will establish a digital workplace and thus significantly increase employee efficiency.

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Paperless operations

You will completely remove paper from business processes, making a big step towards becoming a more environmentally friendly business.

Intelligent enterprise

The connected digitalization that you will achieve with Tom PIT.connected, will open the door to an intelligent enterprise.

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Industry 4.0

With Tom PIT.connected, you will not only follow Industry 4.0 guidelines, but Industry 4.0 will be part of your processes.

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